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Ethics Policy




Total operates in a large number of countries with diverse, complex economic and sociocultural environments. This situation can expose us to safety, security, health, environmental and ethical risks. For this reason, states and civil society have particularly high expectations with regard to our industry. Each and every day, we therefore rely on our values to guide our actions and relationships with our stakeholders, taking a collective approach to achieve our ambition of becoming the responsible energy major.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

It states our values and priority guiding principles
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We apply and comply with all national and international laws and standards in all of our host countries. Beyond rules, we have made our values – Safety, Respect for Each Other, a Pioneer Spirit, the need to Stand Together and a Performance-Minded attitude – the beacons that guide our actions day after day. 

Our two core values, Safety and Respect for Each Other, form the basis of our Code of Conduct.

Safety: untiring collective vigilance

Because we work in an industry that can never be completely risk-free, Safety is the cornerstone of our operational efficiency. Safety is also the foundation of our collective commitment to operate sustainably and establish relationships based on trust with our host countries. To meet our goal of zero fatal accidents, we need to enhance our risk management, both on work stations and in our facilities.

Safety is a daily battle that is waged with humility and vigilance. Safety rules always need to be followed, but people should also step in if they feel a situation is unsafe.

Safety is also an essential criterion in choosing our business and industry partners. We place particular emphasis on their ability to apply a policy equivalent to ours.

Human Rights

Human Rights

Human Rights Briefing Paper