05/01/2019 News



The 2nd annual Maintenance & Engineering (M & E) Retreat was held at the African Regent hotel on the 13th and 14th of 
December 2018. The retreat brought together members of the Maintenance and Engineering sections of the Operations 
Department of Total Petroleum Ghana Limited together to evaluate the previous year's activities, brainstorm and chart 
an effective course of action for the new year.

The 2-day retreat was marked by a number of interesting activities including presentations from the heads of sections – 
the Projects Engineering Manager and the Maintenance Manager – as well as presentations from other departments such as 
the HSEQ department and the Purchasing team. 

One presentation which will not be forgotten is the keynote message delivered by the Operations Manager on the theme for 
2019; "Teaming Together Professionally."

 The retreat also saw a number of team building activities, notable being the Team Challenge. The various members of 
M&E were randomly divided into three colour groups; Red, Blue and Yellow teams.

 They were tasked with coming up with an action plan based on one of the three key elements in the 2019 theme. 
The Yellow team emerged winners, being awarded with TOTAL branded items with the Red and Blue teams coming in 2nd and 
3rd respectively. 

The group photos, team engagement and candid atmosphere to share ideas during the retreat will definitely be etched in 
the memories of all participants. Some key messages participants took home from the retreat included:
•Global Objectives for 2019: Safety, Professionalism, Customer Service, Compliance and Cost Management
•The reminder that an accident is just a number, until it involves a loved one.
•The need to anticipate the needs of our in-house customers as well as our external customers and meet them professionally.
•The need to be abreast with the standard operating procedures governing our work, having them at the tips of our fingers in order to produce effective results
•The fact that short term actions + long term actions produce long term results

At the end of the day, M&E is resolved to conduct our business in a professional manner backed by knowledge of the standard operating procedures, productive team work, improved quality of technical output and a willingness to forge ahead as one team, with unified modes of participation. As we hold high the core values of the TOTAL Group, we will strive to end the year 2019 on this note – "a professional is not a label you give yourself – it is a description you hope others will give to you."

M&E – Teaming Together Professionally!