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mining solutions  

Present in more than 100 sites, Total is the partner of choice for mining companies. Total Mining Solutions are based on:



A top priority for Total. In particular we apply the highest of standards in our transport activites.



Total invests constantly in R&D to elaborate new products in order to improve the performance of the mining equipments and to lengthen their life expectancy. Total makes a commitment to supply fuels and lubricants while respecting the demanding quality standards required by the equipment manufacturers (additives, control of cleanliness).



Total can give you tailored advice to best optimise the supply and distribution processes to, as well as within your site. Our experience and expertise makes us an ideal partner to manage on-site storage and distribution.



Thanks to its local teams and regional experts, Total offers a large range of services which includes audits, trainings, analyses, control of consumptions, preventive maintenance; to help you cut costs and improve your performance.



Total is committed to reducing its environmental impact through pollution prevention actions and waste management. Total also takes part in sustainable development health and education programs.



We wish to create a real partnership with our customers, through tailored products and services, so you can fully dedicate yourselves to your core mining operations business.


Total Petroleum Ghana Limited (TPGL) lifts products from both private and state-owned depots in the country through its fuel suppliers. TPGL transports an average of 50 million litres of fuel products a month.

TOTAL Tarkwa Mining Depot

TPGL operates a 9.5 million-litre capacity tank in Tarkwa, a mining community in Ghana.

We have our own depots around the mining communities where we supply mining fuel to our cherished customers. To bring our services closer to our customers, we operate a consignment stock management at our customers’ sites like Akyempim, Benso, Mpohor, Obuasi etc. We also operate consignment stock management for some selected mining customers to bring our service closer to our customers.

As an organisation, we believe in the transfer of technology to any subsidiary that we operate in. Besides strengthening the capacity of our local employees, we have tried to modernise our operations as a means to providing top notch services to our customers.

In this regard, the transfer of technology has gone hand in hand with the transfer of knowledge and skills where local employees have benefited immensely from the introduction of new technology to various aspects of our business operations.

We have invested in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Tarkwa, which happens to be the world’s third largest ANAC laboratory after Belgium and Singapore.


Our Modern TTMD lab operated by local staff

Mining industries invest considerable amounts of money in their equipment and their result is dependent on the productivity of the mining equipment. To this end, mining industries strive for higher reliability and durability of equipment, thus the requirement for cleaner fuel.

TPGL, as the leading supplier of petroleum products to the mining industry in Ghana, fully recognizes these requirements and to meet them effectively, has established a multi stage filtration system at its Tarkwa mining depot.


Staff at TTMD

We are in a Joint Venture (JV) with a bulk distributor company to build a 20 million-ton capacity tank to supply fuel in the Western Region of Ghana.

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