Total Card’s key benefits



The TOTAL CARD is the Number 1 Fuel Card with over 12 years’ experience on the market and provides a SAFE, SIMPLE, SMART way of controlling and monitoring fuel consumption for any size of fleet. It is a rechargeable smart card designed to meet ways of managing fuel expenditure with a guaranteed service in over 220 service stations country wide for your fuel, lubricants, car care services, (car wash and lube bay services) and BONJOUR shop purchases.

Why own a TOTAL CARD?

This is the best (tool to help budget for fuel expenses and help promote a cashless society) way to budget for your fuel expenses and eliminates the need to carry cash.

How? You allocate an amount of fuel, and confine your fuel expenditure to this value for a specific period (works like a debit card, you spend only what you have loaded), from any of the TOTAL service stations equipped with the electronic payment terminal nationwide.

It enhances planning and does away with high unwanted spending associated with conventional credit cards. With this card you only pay for what you use.

SAFE - No cash, confidential PIN code per card

SIMPLE - Quick, convenient, itemized billing

SMART - Tailored to meet your specific needs

The TOTAL CARD has the following salient features:

MY TOTAL FUEL CARD , the EXTRANET is an interactive web-based tool that enables you to log in and perform selected tasks on your account. Services available include new card requests done online, card blacklisting done online, accessing reports on your cards usage, extraction of selected reports as well as monitoring the card parameters amongst others. The extranet assists you in managing your card portfolio with ease and at any place provided you have internet access to log into the web page.

  • Card Restrictions/Controls: The control before consumption lies in the personalized restrictions set on product type, geographic zones, value limits as well as day and time restrictions;
  • PIN Code for the Client: The card provides a four digit confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN code) issued for all Cards;
  • PIN Code for the station staff: All our station attendants (staff) authorized to validate card transactions have their own four digit confidential PIN code for enhanced security and traceability;
  • Driver code option: Each driver can be assigned an individual code separate from the PIN code. This additional feature enables you to have one card shared amongst different drivers, and monitor the card usage on the basis of each assigned driver's code;
  • Tank capacity lock: Allows you to pre-set tank size per vehicle to prevent fuelling above the set tank size;
  • Mileage check: Allows you to monitor the fuel consumption per vehicle and is activated when requesting for the cards. The mileage check enables you to monitor the consumption rate for each card and address any anomalies in the event the odometer reading is inaccurately entered;
  • Remote PIN Unblocking: Upon receipt of a request to unblock a card, one only has to present the card after 24 hours to the nearest service station for it to be unblocked;
  • Remote Prepaid Card Top-Ups: Prepaid cards are credited ON THE SPOT at all our stations against immediate cash payments to the station. In the event the payment has been made to the TOTAL Head Office and subsequently cleared, the card holder will present the card(s) to the nearest Total service station for his card to automatically pick up the credit against such payments;
  • Diverse Service Stations Network & Products offering: Nationwide spread of more than 220 TOTAL service stations in all major towns with access to fuels, lubricants, car wash services and Bonjour Shop services purchases;
  • Dedicated customer service team and operations support: For every account an overseer Account Manager from the Card Centre is assigned.