Performance Additives

Performance Additives

performance additives


For superior quality fuels

Possessing an extensive expertise in the field of performance fuel additives, we participate successfully in the differentiation of the fuels of the Total network and numerous other networks on the five continents.

Understanding and controlling complexity

The demands and complexity of engine technologies require a perfect command of the "fuel" variable. The incorporation of additives into fuels is the solution for meeting this challenge. Our experience of over 30 years in the fuel additive field enables us to cover the diversity of world markets and to provide appropriate solutions.

A Tailored Offer

Market issues vary significantly from one country to the next: while some emphasize engine protection and increased mileage, others focus on improved performance. Our tailor-made additives formulation has led us to propose products adapted to the specific needs of each of our customers: desired fuel quality and strategic stakes.

A wide range of performance additives

We develop performance additives solutions for: petrol, diesel, domestic fuel oil, non-road diesel and after-market.

Research and Innovation

The energy world is undergoing profound changes. That's why we rely on the Group's research centers and on international scientific collaboration, to offer the last innovations to you.

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