Industry Fuels

industry fuels


Developing reference, certification and R&D fuels formulated to meet the expectations of car, truck, agricultural and off-road equipments manufacturers is built around each of the following four commitments:

  • Representativeness
  • Availability
  • Quality consistency
  • Quality and reliability

Reference and Certification Fuels

Our customers conduct tests based on their target markets with fuels representative of most countries and climates on all five continents.

R&D Fuels

We provide international manufacturers with custom-designed fuels and support them in the development of their tests: emission reduction, fouling tests, combustion tests, winter start, knocking resistance and endurance tests.

"First fill" fuels

Used at new vehicle assembly line sites, our first fill fuels have two main purposes:

  • To guarantee the integrity of new vehicle engines
  • To ensure their cleanliness


Motivated by a concern to protect the environment, our expertise in the formulation of dedicated motor industry fuels has led us to offer a broad range of petrols and diesels, including biofuels.