Sustainable development

At Total Ghana, we believe that the way to consolidate our social license to operate is to share our expertise and know-how, listen to our stakeholders and be a responsible corporate leader. We have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Demonstrating strengthened respect for our stakeholders, by listening to them, involving them and maintaining ongoing dialogue.
  • Being an accountable operator that is exemplary in our management of the impacts related to our activities.
  • Promoting economic and social development in our host regions.
  • Setting a benchmark for the promotion of access to energy.

To achieve these objectives, we have built a strategy that is aligned with our activities. It focuses on four areas and is applied by all of Total’s marketing affiliates in Africa and the Middle East.

Road Safety

Every year, 7,500 Total-branded trucks travel some 1 million kilometers on Africa’s roads. That makes improving road safety a priority for the Total community. A variety of programs have been developed both internally and externally to improve safety for everyone.

Tackling Malaria and HIV/AIDS

Every year, malaria claims more than 1 million lives, while HIV/AIDS kills 2 million people. Developing countries are the hardest hit. We have therefore developed programs and policies to tackle these diseases through prevention and education for our employees and local communities.


We also want to share our know-how and expertise in our host regions by forging partnerships with the universities that are educating the students who will be the Total managers of tomorrow. Human ressources Human ressources

Access to Energy

Access to energy is our business — and a key driver of economic, social and human development. As an energy specialist, we are committed to promoting and developing solar solutions for everyone. We are aiming to market 1 million solar lamps in Africa by 2017, primarily to address the needs of the poorest communities. Our solar lanterns Our solar lanterns