#SafeDriver Commitment No. 2

COMMITMENT 3: I keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front

safe driver commitment 3

Anticipate what could happen next

  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead At least 3 seconds for heavy vehicles At least 2 seconds for light vehicles
  • Put your foot on the brake pedal when approaching a hazardous area – intersection or presence of pedestrians, etc. – so that you can brake quickly if needed
  • Slow down if a vehicle is headed toward you from the opposite direction, to give it time to get back into its own lane

Improve visibility (see and make sure that others can see you)

  • Clean the windshield, rearview mirrors and headlights regularly
  •  Adjust rearview mirrors to minimize blind spots
  • Use all of your rearview mirrors while driving and scan the road and its immediate vicinity frequently to stay aware of your surroundings
  • Always use your direction indicator signal before making turns or lane changes

Stay focused on driving:

Avoid distracting activities, such as fiddling with the radio, eating, drinking, smoking or anything else, while driving