Fuels for Petrol Engines

fuel, petrol engines

Unleaded gasoline (also known as Super)

Super, as described at all Total Ghana service stations and also known as PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) is a RON 91-based unleaded Gasoline.

Unleaded Gasoline reduces the need for frequent replacement of spark plugs, silencers and other components exposed to fuel hence saving costs.

Super is available at all Total service stations across the country.

Total is committed to delivering the best quality of fuels.

We perform quality checks throughout the supply chain and all the way to the pump.

Super Excellium

Super excellium is a RON 95-based fuel laced with exclusively formulated additives for spark ignition engines i.e. Petrol engines.

Slightly priced higher than regular Super, which is also known as Gasoline or Premium, Super excellium is designed to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles. This is achieved by ensuring optimum power through a cleaner and smoother combustion enabled by these additives. This translates into more kilometres, smoother drive and better engine protection.

Super excellium is available in selected stations across the country.

Super excellium can be mixed with other grades of fuels designed for spark ignition vehicles without causing any damage to the engine. One need not necessarily run the vehicle’s tank completely empty before topping up with Super excellium. However, we advise that Super excellium is used on each fill-up in order to get the full benefits of the product.