Total Petroleum Ghana marks World Malaria Day

Total Petroleum Ghana marks World Malaria Day

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Since the launch of the World Malaria Day by World Health Organization in 2007, Total Petroleum Ghana has made it a part of its Sustainable Development Goal to help combat this disease.

This year’s activities were focused on employees, school children, clients, and pregnant women and nursing mothers from deprived communities.

Over 2,000 school children and teachers from selected schools took part in various exercises including sketches, quizzes and poetry recitals. These brought to bear, the consequences of the disease, the importance of keeping basic hygiene practices and most importantly, employing the various preventive measures to fight Malaria in our communities

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Mr. Alexander Attah-Asante, the Director of Education in Kumasi, who was present at the events for the school kids, reiterated his passion for initiatives like these and expressed gratitude to TPGL for the benefits shared through this educative experience.

Mosquito nets were shared to clients throughout the 235 service station across the country and to pregnant and nursing mothers in hospitals located in deprived communities.

The activity was extended to Company staff through an information session led by the Company Doctor on the prevention of the disease and through the distribution of mosquito nets.

Each year, Total Petroleum Ghana organizes activities to help in the global effort to control Malaria.  Remarkable progress has been made in many communities as a result.

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