Total Gift Card

Christmas is almost here and you will be seriously thinking of an appropriate, convenient and usable gift for family, friends, clients etc.

Total Gift card

Our Marketing team has introduced the TOTAL GIFT CARD to 61 selected stations(Over time, it will be rolled out to all stations).



  • It is specifically denominated in Ghc50, Ghc100, Ghc150 and Ghc200 with a bonus and can be used instantly when purchased.
  • These cards will be labeled as “TOTAL GIFT CARD” with the corresponding amount embossed on it.
  • Each card comes with a specially branded Gift Envelope to make it presentable as the special gift it is intended to be.



  • It is a safe, simple, smart and convenient gift for ALL purposes.
  • The gift recipient gets instant full value for the amount on the card. No hidden cost.
  • Credit can be used at any Total Station for payment for Fuel, Lubes, Shopping and Services.
  • The gift recipient has the option to re-load the card for re-use.
  • Re-load attracts an instant bonus. The more you load, the more your bonus value.


There is no gift better than the  TOTAL GIFT CARD.